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MapleStory Screen - Added October 20 2011 by iananderson

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200 Bellocan Corsair
the new Familiar monsters in Tespia. they have special abilities and attack(Very weakly)
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Oct 20 11
Scania Evan 10th Growth
Reconcile Guild
You have become a... shady figure!

OOOOHHH I crack mysel.. no ok that was horrible.
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Oct 20 11
Bera Hero
Yu gi oh?
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Oct 20 11
Bera Mechanic 4
Bowmaster with a medal that only Resistance can get?
MapleStory Screen: The maple tree forest in fm
Oct 20 11
Yellonde Dark Knight
Whhhhoooooaaa That's sick
Oct 20 11*
Chaos Corsair
just as when u get tammed monsters on FB maplestory.... but they dont atk there, they just follow u wherever u go.... even to the bathroom dam king slime it craps the hell out of me when im in the toilet
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Oct 20 11
Bera Evan 10th Growth
Probably one of the worst passive skills of all familiars.
But it looks amazing.
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Oct 20 11
Khaini Marksman
Abirities? YAY
Oct 20 11
200 Bellocan Corsair
Erito: you get them with cash?

I ask cause they are time limited

They drop from monsters. I haven't been able to get one from a drop yet though.

They level when you use another card. Level one is 30 days(I think), level two is 60 days(I think), and level three is 90 days. When you use another card after level three it seems to go back to 90 days.
MapleStory Screen: Familiars
Oct 20 11
KradiaEMS Shadower
Helloo I see Japanese
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Oct 20 11
Scania Hero
GM's are always watching you
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