What a ripoff.... Screen

By ritzcash56

ritzcash56 Level 172 Bera Buccaneer
Nov 03 2011 2,500 nx for a peacemaker, phoenix wand, arcane walker boots, one hand sword accuracy 60%, one hand sword att 60%, pet equip jump 10%, taunt 20, MM bost 30, sharp eyes 30, or blessing on onyx 20, at least i got the best item off of this wheel -.-.

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SolusPenumbra Level 199 Khaini Shadower
Thats where you get the mastery books from
Yet again we need nx...[/quote]

Um, you get mastery books everywhere lol
This is basically paying 2500 NX for a mystery mastery book that might give you a piece of crap instead of an okay book.
Nov 04 2011

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