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Dark angelic blessing ring Screen

By kevinbaby11

Nov 24 2011 I found the recipe a few month back in a Zakum run! After me and my buddy collected all the required materials, he helped me craft it and there you go -> Dark Angelic Blessing Ring (Additional Stat of 10att/matt)

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novomangle Level 181 Windia Phantom 4
I would have sod it personally D: a dAbr sold for 68bil in windia.
Nov 24 2011
Nintendude Level 114 Scania Phantom 3
nice I guess? It depends are you a Damage hoe or a cool person that was really lucky?[/quote]

by the looks of it, he's just a lucky guy.
Nov 24 2011
by the looks of it, he's just a lucky guy.[/quote]

nah, he's a time traveler
Nov 24 2011
MistakenDual Level 51 Scania Battle Mage 2
You honestly look poor, I can see your equips. You could've sold it and gotten way more of a range then that 10 m.att crap.
Nov 25 2011
He is still able to sell it after equipping n-n[/quote]

Are you being sarcastic?
Nov 25 2011
MistakenDual Level 51 Scania Battle Mage 2
he can still sell it you idiots. read the bottom its karma-rable.[/quote]

He should've sold it in the first place. Therefore he is the idiotic one, and it's just a waste of nx PSoKing it.
Nov 25 2011

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