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Legendary ring
MapleStory Screen - Tespia - Submitted Dec 01 2011, 07:16 BT
Screen Info
155 Windia Blade Master
9 2 3
Here you go folks. Account tradable
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Dec 01 11
Galicia Battle Mage 4
Wow, very excited for this update haha. Awesome ring, thanks for sharing!
Dec 01 11
Windia Kaiser 4
Level 55 training at MP3 on level 93 mobs... Wow.
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Dec 01 11
Bera Dark Knight
When do legends come out (or have they already been out?)
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Dec 01 11
Broa Mechanic 2
SasukeIIV Late december ish Is when Cannoners come out.
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Dec 01 11
Broa Shadower
Bryanormike: SasukeIIV Late december ish Is when Cannoners come out.

Early december. 7-9.
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Dec 01 11
Khaini Bishop
Does it trade only once like the adventureer rings? Or is it like the resistance and lillin ring?
Dec 01 11
Scania Marksman
it cant be equiped with the past event rings like the others right =(
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Dec 01 11
Bera Phantom 4
How do you get it?
Dec 01 11
Scania Blade Master
Oh man i hope i can stack that with my explorer critical ring =x if not.. well still good i guess and you got it at lv 55?
Dec 01 11
Bera Corsair
Is this ring even needed? I mean, Evo ring 1 17 and 2 17, blessing ring & another ring from one of these events. Crit ring etc.
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