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Dominator Pendant - ATK 5, Stats +35, HP

MapleStory Screen - Added December 2 2011 by monkeyreape3

Screen Info

149 Bellocan Mercedes 4
This is crazy
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Dec 02 11
Renegades Demon Slayer 2
now all the botters will try to get this recipe
Dec 02 11
Zenith Dark Knight
oAZNvTOFUo: now all the botters will try to get this recipe

actually you can get the recipe from a boss only.. (not sure)
Dec 02 11
Scania Shadower
^above your right the recipe is only dropped by Akyrum
Dec 02 11
Khaini Bishop
Well it says that it's worn by Akyrum (Arkarium in the description)
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Dec 02 11
Khaini Cannoneer 4
You need a CHTP and a rising sun pendant to forge it or something ridiculous.
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Dec 02 11
Bera Evan 10th Growth
But a MoN is bet-
Never mind.
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Dec 02 11
Galicia I/L Arch Mage
ox0shadow0xo: Woah, that pendant has awesome stats. Also what the heck? Right above it is "timeless pendant" but it's lvl 140 O_o

Pretty sure the timeless pendant has always been lvl 140

OT: First things first, beat Arkarium. Shouldn't be a problem.
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Dec 02 11
Broa Blade Recruit
Akyrum is pretty hard, not PB hard, but hard.
And hackers please don't have like a d/c party here please
Dec 02 11
Bera Phantom 4
i thought the title said "dominator panda"

that is the only reason why i clicked this
Dec 02 11
Khaini Bishop
Gary. You rush the Akarium to the side.
John, Get your Mercedes, Spam your hurricane skill while Peter Threatens.
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