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Kitty hair
MapleStory Screen - Showoff - Submitted Dec 05 2011, 00:21 BT
Screen Info
140 Galicia Night Lord
9 1
Got this hair on two characters in one try each.
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Dec 05 11*
DemethosGMS Battle Mage 4
execsublime can.... i draw you plz update your character on basil i was looking for someone with that hair style and you have so much blue on
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Dec 05 11
Windia Buccaneer
and here I thought Galicia was a ghost town.

OT: Nice hat.
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Dec 06 11
ElNido Page
OT: Nice hair.
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Dec 06 11
Galicia Aran 3
Val! Long time no see.
OT: I like the new hair.
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Dec 06 11
Galicia Zero Transcendent
i hate your luck val T_T
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Dec 07 11
Scania Bishop
BennyAu: Chobits!
OT: Nice hair.

LOL It reminded me of that and loveless
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Dec 07 11
Scania Citizen
I wanted to get it for my mercedes...

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