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Pink zakum

MapleStory Screen - Added January 20 2012 by sparta1092

Screen Info

64 Broa Fighter
First pink zakum run. got a trait potion.
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Jan 20 12
Broa Aran 4
lol I want to go to a pink zakum
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Jan 20 12
Galicia Bishop
lol they recycled the alien visitor map
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Jan 20 12
Broa Battle Mage 4

He's weak as hell.
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Jan 20 12
Scania Blade Recruit
Is that...Visitor cube?
weirdest thing ever
Le wild pink zakum came out of freakin nowhere
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Jan 20 12
Windia Hermit
Boundless Guild
This was really laggy for me to enter to
But other then that, Lol @ the message on the top screen
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Jan 20 12
Windia Evan 10th Growth
Odysseia Guild
this makes me think they will never bring back OSS events
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Jan 20 12
Bera Aran 4
DO NOT BE ALARMED! This while people still die left and right because they forgot Pink Zakum can still do 1/1 attack XD
MapleStory Screen: Died in her arms
Jan 20 12
ElNido Night Lord
I though you did normal damage...
Jan 20 12
Windia Luminous 4
i was lagging so bad there were a lot of people lol
i got a trait potion for all 3 runs
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Jan 20 12
Scania Bow Master
it was fun got a pink zakum chair
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