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Pink zakum

MapleStory Screen - Added January 20 2012 by sparta1092

Screen Info

64 Broa Fighter
First pink zakum run. got a trait potion.
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Jan 20 12
Scania Shadower
Has Nexon become so lazy that they can't even create a new map or NPC?

All they did was re-use the Visitors Cube and the NPCs(like Professor Wynn)
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Jan 20 12
Scania Cannoneer 4
first run i got the pzak helm the 2 after i got trait pots....i want that chair....
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Jan 20 12
Mardia Paladin
LOL EVERYONE HITS 999K's? loool wow!
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Jan 20 12
KradiaEMS Phantom 4
Ahahah! Oh Zakum.. U no can use makeup.
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Jan 20 12*
Scania Blade Recruit
why is always 100k?
its 100k not 999999
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Jan 20 12*
Bera Mercedes 4
I got pink zhelm ^.^

You need to look at the ss again or get your eyes checked. It's 99,999 not 999,999 @ 3moRaccoon
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Jan 20 12
Scania Aran 4
to reduce stress... then pisses u off from dcing from lag...
Jan 20 12
Broa I/L Arch Mage
Got pink zakum chair first run!
Now for that helm...
Jan 20 12
Broa Battle Mage 4
fedly: Pretty sure it's because everyone hits 100k, and not him being weak.

He does like 100 damage and gives like 1000 exp.

That's pretty weak, even IF everyone's doing 100K per hit.
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Jan 20 12
Broa Bishop
Dang Broa, you secksi.
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