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Snow white - new jaguar for wild hunters

MapleStory Screen - Added March 16 2012 by 40kCommissar

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155 Windia Blade Master
My god this thing is like Jaira on Steroids. You get it from the Alliance quest line.
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Mar 18 12
Bera Phantom 4
dang 180% speed
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Mar 18 12
Scania Dawn Warrior 3
Mar 18 12
Scania Dark Knight
Remind me why my Red draco's 180% speed is special again?
Mar 18 12
Windia Night Lord
too bad old wild hunters cant get it
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Mar 18 12*
Bera Thunder Breaker 4
brandonx48: Remind me why my Red draco's 180% speed is special again?

Lol best part is, it goes to 190 speed at 3rd job with a buff they get.

xkairyushin: They can. The quests that came, are new. So they are able to do it, and they get a coupon. Once they double click it, their current jaguar transforms into the white one.
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Mar 18 12
Scania Aran 4
Jaira owners just got trolled.
Mar 18 12
Scania Bow Master
Looks sick! If WH had decent mobbing skills, I would make one. They're just impossibly slow to train ><
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Mar 19 12
Windia Kanna 3
Ryko master race
Mar 19 12
Windia Shadower
xkairyushin: too bad old wild hunters cant get it

My Wild Hunter was lvl 50 months before event and I still got it from quest
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Mar 19 12
Galicia Blade Recruit
lol mount speed. thats a very cool mount
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