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MapleStory Screen - Added March 17 2012 by Pachoki

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146 Khaini Hero
In which I find myself doing this in the new Alien Quests. ...I guarantee the legitness of this method.
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Mar 18 12
Galicia I/L Arch Mage
My thoughts exactly.
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Mar 18 12
Broa Blade Master
and also, why would i hide if i can just kill them?
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Mar 18 12
Scania White Knight
yoguy911 My thoughts exactly o-o
Mar 18 12
Mardia Chief Bandit
Hide in plain sight. Derp.
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Mar 18 12
Scania I/L Arch Mage
Makes sense.
Mar 18 12
Scania Aran 3
LOL the past panel is so derpy :B
MapleStory Screen: Heal fail
Mar 18 12
KradiaGMS Battle Mage 4
"That was an entirely preventable hack job!"
Mar 18 12
Windia Hayato 4
I did this in real life the other day while playing hide and seek.
Works like a charm, had to stand up again for the person to find me.
MapleStory Screen: No katanas allowed, just ugly hats
Mar 19 12
Yellonde F/P Arch Mage
The "le" in there completely ruins it for me. There's no reason to put that in there.

I hate Reddit very much
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Mar 19 12
Broa Battle Mage 4
Some hiding skillszz
MapleStory Screen: Broa couple Maple Story: nya or nah?
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