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Mikhail laser beams comic


Mar 21 2012 This is a short comic I made using Paint. Ummm, it took 15-30 minutes (I forget), and is referenced towards the upcoming new class (which is hard to believe that it's real): Mikhail! Some of you may know Mikhail's info already, but for those who don't: It's a class that is based on the NPC Dawn Warrior Instructor from Ereve, and has normal skills and job adv's, and a lvl 200 cap. I thought Nexon adding lasers was quite funny, actually, so I made it into this comic (lasers + warriors = ?)

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xRawrImScaryLickRainbows - Level 145 Blade Master
Apr 12 2012
nothing makes slight sense anymore!
DrDonkersDrDonkers - Level 37 Assassin
Aug 23 2012
Derp Comic.
ISellZakumDropzDawntacular - Level 110 Scania Mihile 4
Oct 07 2012

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