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MapleStory Screen - Added May 5 2012 by achyif

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172 Windia Night Lord
Gachapon just isn't profitable anymore... Cash shop style boxes, on the other hand, give a decent turnover of mesos from maple points
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May 06 12
I can't believe people even gachapon anymore, it's so bad.
MapleStory Screen: Maxed dragon strike
May 06 12*
Scania Demon Slayer 4
i cant believe this isnt frontpaged yet. Its so epic

yes i just noticed that it is frontpaged stop replying
May 06 12
Bera Dark Knight
EvoLovE Guild
Even worse...
In Bera, WS are 35m Q_Q
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May 06 12
Khaini Evan 10th Growth
Number 1 post.
Come at me Basil.
Maple Story: Trying to find reasons to play Maplestory again.
May 06 12
Bera Thunder Breaker 4
Mmm, only reason I'd Gachapon is to get the White Mask from Kerning city Gachapon C:
MapleStory Screen: Take a risk ;)
May 06 12
Scania Aran 4
this is the #1 reason why i never ever gach
is there even anything in the gach thats worth it? O_O
May 06 12
172 Windia Night Lord
Ooh, front page. Was not expecting that
anyways, true story.
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May 06 12
Khaini Zero Transcendent
abilas26: Mmm, only reason I'd Gachapon is to get the White Mask from Kerning city Gachapon C:

Can you still get it ?
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May 06 12
The same thing happened to me +1 for misery in nostalgia.
MapleStory Video: Jett Video
May 06 12
Bera Evan 10th Growth
ikr! i thought that every time i saw a ws being gached in a smega
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