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MapleStory Screen - Added May 15 2012 by dtao25

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39 Zenith Cleric
Yeah, so this is just a random drawing I made of my character from a long, long time ago. It took me like hours to find a good way to draw the wings, and in the end, it turned out bad.
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May 16 12
Scania Hero
I just love the way you drew the wings! :o
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May 16 12
Scania Cannoneer 2
I love the hair too!
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May 16 12
Galicia Cannoneer 3
That's a skinny ass girl.
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May 16 12
Windia Dark Knight
Yeah, that's one skinny girl...
But I still like it, because of the head/hair and the skin. It's freckled! If you work on the bodies you draw, then you will be a great artist!
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May 16 12
Scania Wild Hunter 4
I love how you textured the wings.
The only thing is that the yellow eye looks strange, ahha.
May 16 12
Windia Evan 10th Growth
She only has 4 fingers!
May 16 12
Broa Battle Mage 4
macbook1234: She only has 4 fingers!

Learn to count. She has 4 fingers and a thumb.

Anyways, gotta love the coloring.

And your style is pretty original
May 16 12
Windia Bow Master
such pretty hair *w*
u taking requests?
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May 16 12
Scania I/L Arch Mage
Very cute drawing.
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May 16 12*
Scania Paladin
It's very cute! I am in love with her hands, hair, and skin!
The perspective on her wings is pretty good, and your use of the 'grass' brush is nice.

Her torso seems a little long.
Maybe if you skooched her booty up and shoulders down a tad, it would look more natural.
I am a little sad that her dress is lacking a special brush texture, and that it looks like the background was just slopped down.

Keep drawing and improving!
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