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Part-time job reward
MapleStory Screen - Items - Submitted Jun 29 2012, 06:07 BT
Screen Info
142 Windia Phantom 4
1 25
I check to see the reward I get for the part-time job and this is what I get. A 30% drop rate increase and a hat which could be the worse equipment reward possible.
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Jun 29 12
Scania Shadower
most part time jobs suck.
Jun 29 12
Scania Blade Master
I got a level 20 clean warrior shoe after 6 hours (full)
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Jun 29 12
Bera Kaiser 4
i got 30 dex crystal ores as reward, yaay (:
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Jun 29 12
Bellocan Battle Mage 4
I got 10% helm for dex, 30 power elixirs, and 30 elixirs. ^-^
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Jun 29 12
Galicia Blade Recruit
10% att for cannons, ores, and buffs
Jun 29 12
Mardia Kaiser 4
30 DEX ores, buffs, ores, a LUK recipe, and a 60% scroll after 12 hours
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