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Id ban!? Screen

By KickMePlz

Jul 04 2012 Got this message after logging off on my CB.. Yayy Nexon.

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Yea, but I want to know why, since I WASN'T using any illegal programs, whereas there are hundreds of stupid jetts running around hacking up jesters, where I was just PQing at Nett's pyramid.
Jul 04 2012
Yea, that's the thing. There's been no mass hysteria over Perm. Bans on Basil or anywhere as a result of a Nett Pyramid glitch or something like that.

This was a deliberate ban to my account, for no reason at all. I could understand if I was a Jett because of all the hackers, but I'm a CB.
Jul 04 2012
The feeling is mutual.
Jul 05 2012
Har har, you're so funny Baguette.

Yea, I don't have anything. I used to have godly stuff but I sold all of it when I quit and gave my stuff away. So i've been going around like old times, doing quests and actually having fun with my character instead of training my butt off and this happens..
Jul 05 2012
iLegalize Level 200 Windia Night Lord
Stop hacking.[/quote]
Jul 05 2012

Wow, thanks for the support. You guys are great!
Jul 05 2012
Wow, thanks for the support. You guys are great![/quote]

What did you expect us to do?
We're just insignificant players just like you.
Jul 05 2012

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