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Kaiser dragon colors

MapleStory Screen - Added July 19 2012 by Abirigion

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161 Broa Phantom 4
The colors are pretty ugly if you ask me. You get a random color every time you use a color change coupon. We get 1 from hot time (with his hat) and they cost 2 coins in the tempest shop. Im gonna keep using them until i get black.
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Jul 20 12
Broa Buccaneer
no orange?
Jul 20 12
Windia Phantom 4
The blue/green one reminds me of Guthix Rune Plate armor from RuneScape.
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Jul 20 12
Windia Mechanic 3
You have to admit, this new class is pretty cool.
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Jul 20 12
Windia Blade Master
Those colors are terrible! D:! He doesn't even....belong. He is ridiculously large and doesn't even match the quality of the rest of the pixels in this game. Yikes D:
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Jul 20 12
Scania Demon Slayer 4
needs more purple!
Jul 20 12
Scania Dark Knight
Culture Guild
What about the original red?
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Jul 20 12*
Scania Mercedes 4
the first column all have nice colours imo then again i like neon colours
tbh they're probably going to have a colour change for demon slayers wings as well in a later update i bet
or have they already released one?
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Jul 20 12
Windia Zero Transcendent
Only the red Kaiser and black Kaiser look good. The rest look way too unnatural.
Jul 21 12
Windia Noblesse
Did anyone else think Black Luster Soldier after seeing the first one?
Probaly not... it's okay~ I'm proud to be a nerd =D
Jul 21 12
KradiaGMS Bow Master
Sanctuary Guild
Go go power kaisers!
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