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Angelic buster -

MapleStory Screen - Added July 25 2012 by yeoliphoong

Screen Info

208 Zenith Dawn Warrior 4
Just watched the new Tempest video, and managed to caught the picture of Angelic Buster.

Comment below (:
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Jul 25 12
Scania Assassin
Kranuuu: Dang what was that about lv 140, 5th job?

Some new hyper skill according to what people are saying here.
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Jul 25 12
Windia Buccaneer
jump and shoot... woman? (megaman reference lol)
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Jul 25 12
Bera Night Lord
She kind of looks like Miku-
Jul 25 12
Scania Marksman
lol she┬┤ll use the X buster
MapleStory Screen: Unicorn mount
Jul 25 12
Scania Luminous 4
shes so cute ):
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Jul 25 12
Windia Hero
she is hot!
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Jul 25 12
Scania Bowman
Jul 25 12
Scania Dark Knight
Culture Guild
Omnimon nuff said.
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Jul 25 12
Windia Hero
I would do it no matter what people say, I would totally do that 2D picture.
MapleStory Screen: Lunar dews and soul light quest
Jul 25 12
Broa F/P Arch Mage
Aw its so cute!
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