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Angelic burster

MapleStory Screen - Added September 16 2012 by SeeingWind

Screen Info

180 KradiaEMS Blade Recruit
Half body as requested, have fun
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Sep 17 12
Scania Blade Master
yeahh, the face looks kind of weird , well other than that the rest is good.
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Sep 17 12
Windia Bishop
>Pink Hair
>Black Coat
>and a magical girl to boot

Revolutionary Girl Utena?
Sep 17 12*
Broa Phantom 4
Really nice image, but the eyes are a bit odd to me? Mostly the size of the left eye. Edit: Removed what else I had here, I suspect people think I was being a jerk by trying to show what I did, and that wasn't my intention at all, I meant no disrespect.
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Sep 17 12
Windia F/P Arch Mage
That makes her look so derp

OT: How can thighs be so round
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Sep 17 12
Broa Phantom 4
WorkOfArt: DwerG
That makes her look so derp

That's obviously not how it would look, I just resized what he had to show him what I meant. I thought that was obvious.
MapleStory Screen: Party Quest Search Maple Story: I can't decide between remaining pantsless or orde...
Sep 17 12
Bera Shadower
Reminds me of Sailor Moon
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Sep 17 12
Scania Bow Master
Justaway Guild
That face is scary.
Sep 17 12
Scania Corsair
yo mi drama teachr told mi dis was 3/4ths of a body
Sep 17 12
Khaini Angelic Buster 4
I don't think the nose is all that bad actually. It's just the shadow for the nose is what makes it seem strange. The eyes are just a bit off. As is the mouth. It should be more towards your/our left (Angelic Burster's right). Also, and I know that this will probably be a lot of work, but you could redraw it with the mouth moved over and a little less nose shadow, and her left eye (when we see it, the right eye), either trimmed down a bit and moved to our left or just moved left keeping it the same size and such.
Sep 17 12
Bera Battle Mage 4
cool =]
but i would change that nose...
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