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MapleStory Screen - Showoff - Added October 6 2012 by MrPres
Screen Info
219 Scania Angelic Buster 4
4 4
Well, I recently opened around 80-100ish Teabags. I've gotten only two Fantastical Android (M)'s ): well, here's a screen for all of you out there wondering how it looks like! I gave both away to close friends, and as you can see Zumpee (matt) has the android! I'm the guy under the combo attack thingie (:
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Oct 06 12
Bera Cleric
I like those eyes it has...
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Oct 09 12
Windia Corsair
Nice of you to give them to your friends .
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Oct 11 12
Scania Cleric
What's the special of this android?
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Oct 17 12
KradiaGMS Kaiser 4
solaris9145: Reminds me of Ciel Phantomhive.
Oh my god YES!

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