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Demon avenger

MapleStory Screen - Added November 29 2012 by AngelPersona

Screen Info

134 Zenith Wild Hunter 4
Straight from KMST 1.2.457
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Nov 29 12
Scania Dark Knight
ArchonSwift: guy just in case you where to st, u,pide to understand yourself ! ITS A DEMON SLAYER REVAMP , not a new chars ! thanx to use brain

No, it's a new class. It's just now you get to choose between demon slayer or demon avenger. Old demon slayer is still there, and demon avenger is now a class. By the way, there's no need for those commas, you can say stupid on this site.
Nov 29 12
Broa Marksman
This is actually quite neat. Branching away from set in stone stat set ups.
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Nov 29 12*
looks the same but the sword is cool...
saw some stuff about it kinda lookin forward to it... sorta
Nov 29 12
Bera Demon Slayer 4
i like how it's a split path instead of a whole new thing not related to anything else.

also sexy~
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Nov 29 12
Bera Shadower
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Nov 29 12
Scania Blaze Wizard 3
reminds me of castlevania alucard, expect less awesome
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Nov 29 12
PraisedAura: As if complainers complaining about people complaining are any better.

inb4 someone says "As if complaining about complainers about people complaining are any better."
Nov 29 12
Windia F/P Arch Mage
White hair. Awesome. I'm making one.
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Nov 30 12
Scania Shadower
PraisedAura: As if complainers complaining about people complaining are any better.

This could go on forever.
Nov 30 12
Yellonde Blade Lord
I have a feeling that the amount of hates on jett will die down and the new class that'll be hated the most will be this class.
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