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MapleStory Screen - Added January 12 2013 by oPikaachu

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199 Scania Marksman
For Alex c: , you suck left me empress tho. _l_
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Jan 13 13
Bera Evan 10th Growth
Where are his legs?
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Jan 13 13
Bera Night Lord
aww the bunny looks sad D:
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Jan 13 13
Windia Kaiser 4
3rd post
MapleStory Screen: Look what i found :)
Jan 13 13
Scania Dark Knight
He looks like a piece of candy!
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Jan 13 13
Bera Night Lord
DragonLove: Where are his legs?

Where it's supposed to be. It's his feet I'm concerned about.
Jan 13 13
Scania Angelic Buster 4
You forgot to color his bracelet.
MapleStory Screen: Buccaner vs. spirit
Jan 13 13
Scania I/L Arch Mage
Lol you forgot alex's wings
Jan 13 13
Scania Night Lord
omg hi sandyy! Digging the blueness
MapleStory Screen: Momolro & hisonlybm
Jan 13 13
Scania Cannoneer 4
Awesome ign.
MapleStory Screen: My first 200! PC Games Video: Elsword crimson avenger pvp #1
Jan 13 13
Bera Blade Recruit
Why u put sIut?
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