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MapleStory Screen - Drawing - Submitted Feb 03 2013, 03:36 BT
Screen Info
35 Bera Wind Archer 2
2 1
This is what I picture henesys to look like. Please tell me how I can improve ^_^
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Feb 03 13
DemethosGMS Kaiser 4
Nice! Very simple and cute
I think the clouds would've looked better without the white lines though
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Feb 03 13
Renegades White Knight
Where are the henehoes?
Feb 03 13
Windia F/P Arch Mage
It's a bit quiet for my perspective on Henesys. It's more of a market-type place to go, crowds and people bargaining - not to mention the mushroom houses. You could've added in Athena's treehouse in there as well.

The serenity and open-field area idea is nice as hunting grounds though. The simplicity gives it a charm.
Feb 03 13
Mardia Buccaneer
Perfect Just missing one. Small. Thing. Where dem hene-hoes
Feb 03 13
Galicia Buccaneer
Maplstory 2 should look 3D like this... in my opinion
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Feb 03 13
Scania Dark Knight
Ralayk69: Maplstory 2 should look 3D like this... in my opinion
Dude idk if it is really gunna release.
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Feb 03 13
Bera Buccaneer
That snail must be a familiar or she'd be taking damage.
Really though, love the picture
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Feb 03 13
Arcania Blade Master
No Henehoes?
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Feb 03 13
Bera Rogue
awesome. reminds me the old days when people actually used the regular clothes of their job
Feb 04 13
Windia Mercedes 4
It looks simple, but I seem to like it a lot.
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