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MapleStory Screen - Drawing - Added February 3 2013 by amersan
Screen Info
122 Scania Hero
36 6
various doodles for some very kind people
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Feb 03 13
Yellonde Marksman
Hnnnggg why are you so good
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Feb 03 13*
Scania Wind Archer 4
Great work, asusual
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Feb 03 13
Khaini Shadower
Nice, like usual!
You called yourself kind in 3rd person
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Feb 03 13
Bellocan Luminous 4
This is amazing *o*
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Feb 03 13
Scania Dark Knight
flat chests= hottttttttt
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Feb 03 13
Mardia Shadower
I liek. It's so nice.
Feb 03 13
Windia Battle Mage 2
Angelic Buster was drawn the best in my opinion
Feb 03 13
Galicia Bishop
Love your brushes and colours, miss.
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Feb 03 13
Scania Blade Master
What a great use of cross hatching...

What kind of tablet do you use to paint? It's superb.
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Feb 03 13
Windia Blade Recruit
A collection of awesome
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