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Evan and phantom

MapleStory Screen - Added February 3 2013 by SeeingWind

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180 KradiaEMS Blade Recruit
my new style, please leave some feedback on how i can improve thanks
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Feb 03 13
DemethosGMS Kaiser 4
Nice! The colouring/shading's really neat and cute
Though Evan looks like a bit of a girl though XD just a bit
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Feb 03 13
Windia Corsair
Evan x Phantom OTP.
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Feb 03 13
Scania Aran 4
No homo
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Feb 03 13
Broa Cannoneer 4
Looks nice but ehh #nohomo
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Feb 03 13
Windia Zero Transcendent
Your art style has gotten a lot better the last time I checked, Good work!
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Feb 03 13
Windia F/P Arch Mage
It's quite nice, though Phantom's face needs a little more dimension to it.
Feb 03 13
Khaini Shadower
"Parenting 101"...

cannot unsee
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Feb 03 13*
Broa I/L Arch Mage
I like it but why is Mir on Phantoms shoulder.
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Feb 03 13
Arcania Blade Master
Gay Love?
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Feb 03 13
Windia Night Walker 3
Aww, this is cute.
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