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MapleStory Screen - Added February 3 2013 by mrpawsteps

Screen Info

100 Broa Aran 3
Laviathan 's character

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Feb 03 13
DemethosGMS Kaiser 4
Gotta love that cat hood
Good job
MapleStory Screen: Ellin forest
Feb 03 13
Scania Wind Archer 4
Left eye is a bit off, but other then that, great job!
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Feb 03 13
Khaini Shadower
Pretty good!
(all i'd have to say to make it better next time would maybe to make the face look a little bit less cro-magnon looking)!
MapleStory Screen: Mikhail laser beams comic
Feb 03 13
Windia I/L Arch Mage
I thought the title said "Exams."
Feb 03 13
Scania Luminous 4
Good job, well done
MapleStory Screen: Giant GM in Scania
Feb 03 13
Scania Dark Knight
YESSS! I love this character! Nice drawing, people should draw the more known basilers, like him.
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Feb 03 13*
Scania Night Walker 4
That looks really nice! May I ask for a request?
Feb 03 13
Windia Blade Recruit
Aw he is such a cool guy, always nice to see a drawing of him
MapleStory Screen: Rococo
Feb 03 13
Bera Phantom 4
Draw me ?
Feb 03 13
DemethosGMS Kaiser 4
WolfSpiderman: im sick of them! seems like 90% of maplers wear it
Annoying aren't they?
I mean, they even move
And I think every character I've seen with them has the same face...
MapleStory Screen: Ellin forest Maple Story: gets back into maple just when exams are starting ...
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