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Kaiser babysits a young evan (f)

MapleStory Screen - Added February 4 2013 by meteorseed

Screen Info

138 Scania Beginner
Go Mir! You can do it!

Context: This was originally supposed to be the last panel of a short comic regarding the Class Certification Event. My Padalin was unable to even achieve Bronze Certification because Evan would not show up each time she entered. On the other hand my Kaiser character ran into Evan 4 times in a row while starting on the Silver Certification. He needed anyone BUT Evan.

Done in MS Paint. I never want to draw Kaiser ever again. Too many armour trimmings.
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Feb 04 13*
KradiaGMS Kaiser 4
Haha pretty neat. I hated that too. All I needed was Mihile...
Feb 04 13
Chaos Phantom 4
I thought it was amazing.
Until I read;
"Done in MS Paint."

Now I think it's friggn' bloody excellent.
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Feb 04 13
Bera Shadower
evan looks so bad but the kaiser looks good
Feb 04 13
Yellonde F/P Arch Mage
Holy damn you did this in MSPaint
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Feb 04 13
Khaini Shadower
Haha, wow this is reallly really good for MS Paint!
Good job, and original concept!
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Feb 04 13
Windia Aran 3
of MS paint

you are godly


I can't even fathom how long that would've taken
Feb 04 13
Bera I/L Arch Mage
I agree, this is "friggn' bloody excellent."
And Kaiser..
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Feb 04 13
Scania Wind Archer 4
Lol poor kaiser!
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Feb 04 13
Broa Dark Knight
Mir's being an ass! >:I
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Feb 04 13
Scania Bishop
dear mother of God
can't believe this is done in ms paint
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