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Different worlds

MapleStory Screen - Added March 4 2013 by XxTournesolxX

Screen Info

202 Windia Night Lord
Kaiser meets a Dragon Knight for the first time.

First comic. Very messy if you noticed so bear with me.
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Mar 04 13*
Khaini Warrior
Dragon count: 4.

Coming up next: Bishops.


I thank you so much for making this point with your screen. Your drawings are irresistibly adorable as always, as well.

This comic was really funny! You should make more comics.
Mar 04 13
Bera Zero Transcendent
Dahaha, oh geez. Poor Dragon Knight... =/ And poor Evan.
Mar 04 13
Khaini Warrior
project1337b: Dahaha, oh geez. Poor Dragon Knight... =/ And poor Evan.

Yes, yes. Poor Dragon Knights and Dragon Masters, overshadowed by Novans.

Then you realise that Dragon Masters totally overshadowed Dragon Knights when they came out, as well.

Poor, poor Dragon Knights
Mar 04 13
Windia Corsair
I might be missing something, but why are the Drk and Kaiser talking about an NL revamp
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Mar 04 13
Scania Hero
Joke's on you; all spells that Evan does actually comes from Mir.
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Mar 05 13
Broa Shadower
Dragon Knights are having a hard time.
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Mar 05 13
Mardia Shade 4
Draw me pls
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Mar 05 13
Galicia Hayato 4
The evan part made me smile.

NL revamp? I guess they need it too. o:
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Mar 06 13
Mardia Dark Knight
can't agree more for the revamp...then again hitting 350ks on average isnt so bad
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Mar 07 13
Bera Evan 10th Growth
Evan part was funny, good job!
Moar moar moar!
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