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Monster Life coming to GMS?

MapleStory Screen - Added May 5 2013 by PermaGypsy

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31 Broa Wild Hunter 2
This popped up when I was constantly DCing earlier today. Is this a possible future update?

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May 05 13
Khaini Demon Slayer 4
Any info about this in KMS or any other version? I haven't heard of this at all.
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May 05 13
Bera Blade Master
Maplestory playhouse I like where this is going. The things I would do with horny mushrooms.
May 05 13*
Broa Battle Mage 4

It's apparently a real thing, where you create a farm to make your own buffs. o.0
Sounds interesting...

Here's also OrangeMushroom's post on it.
May 05 13
Bera Hayato 4
SmashFace: Any info about this in KMS or any other version? I haven't heard of this at all.

It's been out in KMS since Jan 16th
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May 05 13
Broa Wild Hunter 4
I hate this page so much because I get stuck at it all the time without worlds loading
MapleStory Screen: So this is what happens during a rb
May 05 13
Khaini Buccaneer
The Monster Life button is in the game too.
It just means that the Unlimited data is in the files and coming very soon.
May 05 13
Yellonde Bow Master
MapleStory Unlimited.

Oh boy, here we go.
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May 05 13
Bera Luminous 4
you can see the "home" key at the game, but its not green its grey, you cant click. its next to the key settings.
May 05 13
Scania Wind Archer 4
I think that's that button in the right cornor;
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May 05 13
Broa F/P Arch Mage
Farmville for Maplestory
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