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BMv10 update + BasilVersary 10!

SIGH... I wanted INT


n and it's untradable. FML. EDIT: the very same ring, different result, STILL not INT. Seems like I won't get any INT with this one lol

going hardout


keep living your life

Does this glitch still exist


I want to buy a noble lady's black fan for my zero to equip. Will the nx weapon be glitched for zeroes?

bucket list


Drag race in da crib

Making NX worthwhile


Get that swagger fat cat perma package

Unique Potential Scrolls


Only Gachapon and Marvel

which npc is most attractive (serious thread)


I love the girl from the silent crusade. @__@



ive been spending time trying to play maplestory but whenever i get to the world selection screen there are no worlds. i need help

Thread Sections on Front Page


Hmm. I used to browse basil and comment a lot before the update but since everything is mixed up on the front page I haven't been bothered to continue on to click on specific threads I want to read so I guess I agree in that aspect. My first post since u

the real reason maple is dieing


I'm quitting because of you pretty much.

Halloween Outfits

GNRL a strawberry.

Huge traffic jam


@trumpet205 : truth and nice don't go together very often, or well for that matter It's better off not getting too offended about something like this tbh

what is life??


Yes, enjoy your virtual clothes. You know they're as existent as your life.

Giving away 300 CRA tomorrow!


Got any fafnir lucky item scroll? I could really use one for my zero. Or the however many bil its worth.

BasilMarket Desktop Site Fix/Workaround


Here is the new one after the update Just replace everything with the one below

Corsair VS BM


BM has more its the better payoff if you fund. sair range is balls for some reason so funding one is less efficient compared to a lot of classes they have turrets, we dont in a kms reboot dpm chart i saw sair was above BM but dpm charts are

SVP4 FREE is out

ANME Basil messes with the link so click Download on the left side

Minor fixes 10/9/2015


@genostigma: Clean Slate Scrolls

Rest in pepperoni flying on cannoneer


Cannoneers are now boring as hell.

Lf Terminus Defender


Looking for someone who is selling a Terminus Defender in Windia. Please leave info here or add Bral3rAndrew. Thank you :)

Selling 2x Dark Onmyouji Effects Perm and 6x 90-Day versions


In Scania I have no clue where auctions went and if people still use it.

Nisekoi 189


I thought the biggest cock-blocker in history was the author himself.

Cross-world guilds for Reboot Server


Reboot is a separate server. That's like inviting someone in Scania into a Windia guild...

what is the truth?


lol, people have been saying this game has been dying since the BB. The fact that people have been saying this for years has made it lose all meaning.

B>Nine-Tailed Fox Mask (Windia)


B>Nine-Tailed Fox Mask. Hi if anybody is selling this mask add me in game: spkage I am also willing to gift an anvil so that you can keep the mask as well.

Trading 30% LUK Superior Belt for % DEX on BERA


30% LUK main pot, perfect scrolled. Pls.

Letterman Jacket & Spirit Day


why would it be weird? letterman's are proper high school attire

Maplestory website ranking


@pokamanz: thank you so much

NGS Initialization Error : 0xe1600301(-513801471)


It kept showing me this error when trying to play? I re-downloaded maplestory and have done the patch on it and have about done everything i can think of. it kept saying I was hacking before hand (which I was not) but that's probably not related to the i

Please help!


@draception: I keep getting an error message, can you add me on skype? It's easier to talk.

drunk thoughts?


only thoughts i been thottin in my head r my past thots tbh

If you were driving to an exam and hit a jaywalking hobo


miss the exammm cause you call an ambulance while freaking out

Every time I visit a post


This really does impede readability. This is my single biggest complaint about the new layout.

League of Legends October Tournament


@shusei: it will mainly be on weekends (friday saturday and sunday)

PC on 2handed sword in Bera


Yeah it's just that nobody has a reason to use Utgard, everyone goes for Fafnir at level 150.

windia pc on new gacha items


thanks for those prices it helps when dealing with low balling merchers

Regarding the Site 'Upgrade'


how popular is the sister site ( was it?) that made mr. b go "hmm let's just switch to the ms2 engine!" rather than the other way around? also, i'd have to agree with the nasty brightness we have going on. and the size is just way too

If you could change any 1 part of your character look...


@smokennaruto I mean I could just take off my Universal Trans weapon. I'm a Cannoneer, I already have a bazooka.

Anybody know how I feel like?


At the end of ya day school grades and exams are not everything I lost all my will to do good during my final years

I have to navigate forum list


rest in pieces

Accidentally deleted a character


I accidentally deleted my main somehow...

*Missing* : "spiky bangs" hairstyle


i haven't seen it for years! .. Does anyone remember the last time it was available ?

Member Days


I think the old version is better Edit I'm a basilmember since 2012

Texas Maplestory Players Only Please.



Would you rather...


Start from zero because im so used to it

I don't want to visit this website anymore


@xylyls: Not exactly, so I just posted a story providing updates and asking people for input. I've received a lot of useful information already. If necessary I'll uh... "upgrade" the story into a thread later on, but people appear to be f

did anyone else notice


I didn't know they have an alarm at McDonalds. Or in that song. Cause I've never heard either.

Nx items price check


I just got this party prince overall and i just wanted to know for how much money i could sell it.(I play in bera)

How diverse is the music you listen to


Tool - Jambi Moonface - Julia With Blue Jeans On Wolf Parade - Kissing the Beehive Arcade Fire - Rebellion Modest Mouse - Cowboy Dan Josh Ritter - Thin Blue Flame Neutral Milk Hotel - Naomi Neutral Milk Hotel - Oh Comely Radiohead - Street Spirit

Why should I keep on living?


cuz ur too scared to kill yourself

I finally get home and am able to relax but I just dont want to sleep yet Im sleepy in every d


Streaming right now Come watch me lotus with peepslt3 bossing
Mr Basil please please please please change the heading typeface PLEASENo bueno no no no no no n
We did it everyone They moved the user bar above the comment
This new website look is so ugly Im quitting Maplestory
to quit basil or not
Who is excited for thanksgiving Im not
Kannas keep standing in front of me when I AFK I am not your Haku
Every time I play a game in Star World I end up disconnectinglike wtf
Hi Mr Basil please bring old Basil back
I get so lucky with Royal Hair and Face coupons I get what I want on the first try Im bles
Learning how to make bras Never again will I have to suffer with trying to find a good bra for a re
Ok need a question of pc because i cant find how to make a thread scania horoscope claw rn co
chaos olivia in scania anyone need one to start doing runs with my mule i can either help you get
thanks pavchka
I keep coming back to basil 4 the stories but other than that this site is dead 2 me
omg i just threw out my good summeroid i had the ugly one equipped and i threw out the prettier one
Ladies and gents I perfectly understand why youre not happy with this update and the way its be
PS4 kinda growing on me lt3
My bed head continues to amaze me Was rocking that Ludwig von Koopa style this morning

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