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MapleStory Screen - Added July 24 2013 by KrazyLoopyx

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150 Galicia Xenon 4
So this is a new boss... he's HUGE. These are some size charts. I honestly hope this fits on Basil because this is cool!
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Jul 24 13
Bellocan Hero
The size of the map itself will probably lag everyone... and then add in 100 players... dc fest!
Jul 24 13
Broa Phantom 4
MapleStory Screen: Kaiser dragon colors
Jul 24 13
Scania Bow Master
SMTown Guild
100b hp for each protrusion coming out of the thing
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Jul 24 13
Mardia Hunter
this is stupid big
Jul 24 13*
Renegades Dawn Warrior 2
So this is a real scale, and that's the size of Horntail, then... *gulp*
Maple Story: why was i even born
Jul 24 13
Khaini Marksman
Hekaton's moving castle.
Maple Story: <3 Piuli <3 :D
Jul 24 13
Khaini Dark Knight
Huh... well I'll be damned...
Jul 24 13*
Bera Dark Knight
simaini: 100b hp for each protrusion coming out of the thing

his level 30 form (I think theres multiple forms of him for different sets of levels or something?, but you can only go to critias once your 180 so that makes no sense!) has 210m hp per part iirc, and 100m on some of the lesser parts.

OT: I'd surmise Critias will have its own dedicated server since it allows cross-server play. So we might not see as much lag as we're expecting.
Jul 24 13
Windia Night Lord
that looks like a crapton of fun... but lag.
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Jul 24 13
Khaini Bishop
What the hekaton.
Maple Story: Oppar Didnt Mean It
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