Eunwol Screen

By lesty40

lesty40 Level 181 Mardia Kanna 4
Nov 30 2013 Drawing confuses me.

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lesty40 Level 181 Mardia Kanna 4
+6 To be honest, what gender does Eunwol for god sake have?
I can't see it from your drawing nor the official picture.

If it's a girl, then your drawing looks like a boy .[/quote]


I really don't know yet. I'm hoping it's a boy, because I already drew up baby names D:
Nov 30 2013
New Video: Pew pew pew fw New Screen: Post tea time
Chimera Level 191 Bera Kanna 4
His hair (in the official art) confuses me, so I really like how you drew it here. As well as his face.
Nov 30 2013
New Screen: Thanks Juni!

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