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Fangblade's damage
MapleStory Screen - Damage - Submitted Jan 30 2008, 17:48 BT
Screen Info
136 Scania Night Lord
2 6
We saw Suuushi's damage, now FangBlade's damage. Enjoy ^_^
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Nov 20 10
Khaini Corsair
That is horrible dmg=D
Nov 20 10
Bera Rogue
maplemukmude: That is horrible dmg=D

Why are you going around bumping old pics?
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Nov 20 10
Galicia Phantom 4
I lol'd at the miss
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Nov 20 10
Windia Dark Knight
The real mystery is since when did someone have a white night 2 years ago
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Nov 20 10
i didnt know that he was a white knight...

also that is prety decent damage 2 years ago.
Nov 20 10
Scania Night Walker 1
lol yal, thats not the real fangblade. this pi c had a capital i instead of a lowercase L
Nov 20 10
Chaos Evan 7th Growth
if white knights didn't come out 2 years ago, then holt99 is right
Nov 20 10
Nova Mercedes 4
look at the submission date you noobs...
back then wk's were considered to be bad so NO ONE made them
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Nov 20 10
Scania Cleric
maplemukmude: That is horrible dmg=D

You sir, I salute you for your epic and braveness !
Nov 20 10
Broa Phantom 4
i thought that by the time FangBlade lvl'd to 200 there was no 4th job O_O
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