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MapleStory Video - Level 70 - 120 training spots

Added January 20 2011 by Lyfe

Screen Info

130 Broa Buccaneer
After Big Bang many got confused as to where to grind so heres a video to sort of help that mess out.
yes ( Gallos and Twisted jesters are not in here because they are very common )
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Jan 20 11
Scania Evan 10th Growth
Reconcile Guild
They could've posted their own video to basil themselves.... right?
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Jan 20 11
Windia Aran 2
you should add the name of the maps.
Jan 20 11
Windia Phantom 4
dude u rox! thx allot!
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Jan 20 11
Scania Dragon Knight
"i need to GRIIAaaND"
Jan 20 11
lol at "I have secksual fantasies with cube slimes"
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Jan 20 11
Windia Buccaneer
That was hilarious. More videos from those 2 please.
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Jan 20 11
KradiaGMS Aran 4
What are those tree monsters at level 115?
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Jan 20 11
KradiaEMS Dark Knight
Haha, " or you could go to those Hobos " hahaha
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Jan 20 11
Scania Hero
Yea you do need map name i dont know about 3/4 or more of the maps shown.
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Jan 20 11
ElNido Beast Tamer Cat
totally love watching these videos.
not because of the training tips, but because of the funny things you say and the accents
"go to the ugly trees. but they have GREAT personality. they gotta nice flower in their hair, jus kill em. kill em for the flower."
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