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MapleStory Video - Level 70 - 120 training spots

Added January 20 2011 by Lyfe

Screen Info

130 Broa Buccaneer
After Big Bang many got confused as to where to grind so heres a video to sort of help that mess out.
yes ( Gallos and Twisted jesters are not in here because they are very common )

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Jan 20 11
Scania Evan 10th Growth
They could've posted their own video to basil themselves.... right?
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Jan 20 11
Windia Aran 2
you should add the name of the maps.
Jan 20 11
Windia Phantom 4
dude u rox! thx allot!
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Jan 20 11
Scania Dragon Knight
"i need to GRIIAaaND"
Jan 20 11
lol at "I have secksual fantasies with cube slimes"
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Jan 20 11
Windia Buccaneer
That was hilarious. More videos from those 2 please.
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Jan 20 11
Bera White Knight
OMG is thescaredkid i loled so hard.
Jan 20 11
KradiaGMS Aran 4
What are those tree monsters at level 115?
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Jan 20 11
KradiaEMS Dark Knight
Haha, " or you could go to those Hobos " hahaha
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Jan 20 11
Scania Hero
Yea you do need map name i dont know about 3/4 or more of the maps shown.
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