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Dawn Warrior 30 ~ 120 training guide Video

By copperchan

copperchan Level 172 KradiaEMS Battle Mage 4
Mar 18 2011 Hey basil! Haven't seen our latest training guide yet? Whats keeping you?? :O In this guide we will tell you were to train your dawn warrior during its life of swinging his sword and speaking slime-ish

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I watched this for the commentary but it's actually really good!
Thanks guys
Mar 19 2011
make a cleric guide >____>

nlc > all? (20 ~ 30, 35~ 80- Rotting skeles, err somewhere?, NightMares, Scrarecrows, hoodoo/voodoo, jesters for a while)

Mar 19 2011
I can barely hit Captains/ Krus. But I do as much damage at your level[/quote]

And your point is?
Mar 19 2011
can you guys make a white knight guide (70-120)?
Mar 19 2011

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