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MapleStory Video - Horntail Prequest Guide

Added April 2 2011 by mach5

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222 Khaini Bow Master
So I recently joined a new guild to help them out, and take a lot of their inexperienced boss runners onto boss runs. One of the main questions I kept receiving was how do i start my horntail quest. So i decided i should start making guides for everything since you don't really see any commentary guides on youtube, and i also don't like repeating myself several times for different people. I know many of us are lazy readers... I know for sure I am, and I hate reading. So I'll make reading easy, you can listen to my asian voice and hopefully you can understand me.
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Apr 03 11
Bera Shadower
Nice work =)
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Apr 03 11
Khaini Marksman
Nice guide! I wish I could walk as fast as you did at 0:45 hehe
Apr 03 11
Bera Corsair
Very informative.

This knowledge will come in handy if I ever get to the point where I can Horntail.
Apr 03 11
Omg....Allan<ty for ur video
Apr 04 11
Bera Shadower
Tyvm I was waiting for someone to post a guide on HT prequests
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Apr 04 11
222 Khaini Bow Master
if you guys can like and subcribe to my channel, i'll be making more videos. Thanks for the supportive comments!
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Apr 04 11
Khaini Corsair
woot varsity
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May 04 11
Khaini Aran 4
i know how to do this quest but on my aran i cant c it on my quest list or when i click moria what i have 2 do?
Apr 16 12
Mardia Hero
hey i just talk to moira but she doesnt give me that quest any help?
May 23 12
Scania Night Lord
u have to talk 2 the chief in the town 1st and then go 2 the girl

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