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MapleStory Video - Henesys Ruins Walkthrough | Tags: GMST Chaos Tesp

Added June 21 2011 by MrKratos

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205 Chaos Phantom 4
Here's a walkthrough of Ruin Henesys (Future Henesys)
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Jun 22 11
Chaos Aran 4
Nooo... The noob snails aren't noobs anymore
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Jun 22 11
ElNido Aran 4
bananadevontay: I wonder how henesys gets connected to ereve >_>

Also I looooooooooove future henesys. It looks like a nice change for a training area.

Are you familiar with the Sonic franchise? Do you remember the times when Angel Island, otherwise known as the floating island, would sink from the sky and fall to the earth whenever the master emerald is stolen from its sacred shrine? Well, I figure something similar to that happened to future Ereve.
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Jun 22 11
is it true that mastery skills books will have a drop of 100% ?
Jun 22 11
Windia I/L Arch Mage
I love the whole "end of the world (apocalypse(" theme they are making. It really sets the tone of the power of the Black Mage.
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Jun 22 11
Khaini Aran 3
plz tell me about the gemstone imp thing
Jun 22 11
Windia Aran 4
SlyBladez: plz tell me about the gemstone imp thing

It's a rock or plant thing you have to feed. It can be fed etc drops and equipment. It's not something worth spending time with in the case of benefits, you wont get much.
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Jun 24 11
Windia Corsair
Snails's Revange.........woooooooo
Jun 24 11
Galicia Night Lord
I always thought Chief Stan was going to die due to the rage of henehoe's, not future henesys.
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Jun 24 11
Scania Shadower
ew. you're radiantdeath? noob
MapleStory Screen: Adamant, distrated, connection.
Jun 25 11
Khaini Marksman
Pichu6125 Revive of the old days: people actually get pwned by snails again!

Seems awesome, this new henesys. Too bad I'm not 160.
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