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MapleStory Video - [New Classes!] Mercedes and Demon Slayer

Added June 29 2011 by ShiKage08

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138 Bera Hero
Nexon Korea held a conference today (June 29th) and at that conference, they showed three new classes for this summer's update.
-Cannon Shooter
-Mercedes (Dual Bow Legend)
-Demon Slayer

They showed a trailer to us and I only managed to get Fraps up and running as soon as the Cannon Shooter part ended, so I'm terribly sorry to those of you who are interested in that part. Fortunately, I did manage to capture all of the Mercedes and Demon Slayer parts (with the exception of the concept art at the beginning of the Mercedes part).

Cannon Shooter will be release July 7th, Mercedes will be released on July 21st and Demon Slayer will be released on August 8th.
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Jun 29 11
KradiaGMS Paladin
Is demon slayer the warrior hero or something? It looks like an axe guy.
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Jun 29 11
Scania Thunder Breaker 3
Best Warrior class Uses a mace sweet! PS: Resistance has the Most OP classes so OP warrior wooh
Jun 29 11
Scania Bow Master
mercedes and Demon Slayer are so bad ace

there actually the 2 best classes nexon has ever made
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Jun 29 11
Windia Wind Archer 4
Dual bows doesn't even make sense
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Jun 29 11
Windia Corsair
megaf6: Dual bows doesn't even make sense

agreed, but playstyle looks fun ^_^
Jun 29 11*
Dual guns would have been cool. Instead they create a mech-less version of a mechanic with a laser gun...
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Jun 29 11
Scania Hero
ilikefood: Is demon slayer the warrior hero or something? It looks like an axe guy.

He's considered the Resistance Warrior.
In the storyline, he betrays the Black Mage to join the Resistance.
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Jun 29 11
Scania Warrior
she can teleport.... nuff said
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Jun 29 11
Windia Luminous 4
I teared a little when demon slayer showed..Its so beautifully evil
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Jun 29 11
Galicia Bow Master
next thing you know, maplestory will be in 3D.
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