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Zakum Pre-Quest Stage 1 Guide


Jan 08 2012 Guide for Zakum pre-quest stage 1 for the 7 keys only. Here you go, the keys are located in these rooms~

4-2 - Right Facing rock
9-2 - Left Facing chest
11-1 - Left Facing chest
14-1 - Left Facing chest
16-2 - Left Facing chest
16-3 - Right Facing chest
16-5 -Rock (Only 1 Rock)

Drop 7 keys on big chest, Get Fire Ore, then talk to npc and leave. BTW you get to room 16 from room 10
xXjarakudaXxLevel 211 Broa HeroNimbus Guild

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I used this like a day or 2ago xD nice guide.
Jan 10 2012
Where can i start Zakum Prequest for demon slayer?
killere78xLevel 88 Windia Demon Slayer 3
Apr 30 2012
Thanks it really helped
Apr 10 2013

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