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MapleStory Video - Zakum Jump Quest Part 1-2 Guide! Tips to Success

Added February 1 2012 by TheTemplars

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The templar crew brings you zakum prequest 2 guide and we give you all the tips you will need to complete the jump quests
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Feb 02 12
Windia Rogue
Link please,
Feb 02 12
Windia Jett 4
White screen much?
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Feb 02 12
ElNido Mercedes 4
Link please?
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Feb 02 12
Scania Wind Archer 4
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Feb 02 12*
Sorry about that guys usually vids get uploaded the next day so wasnt expected it to be up! Also thanks ninja much love

Link for whitescreen
MapleStory Video: Class Review Chapter 1, Ft. Mercedes
Feb 02 12
Khaini Hero
good guide
MapleStory Screen: Lvl 200!
Feb 02 12
Galicia Hero
Nodexnoob: good guide

To be honest, it needs work.

All I saw was a bunch of information on one page together in the beginning then the rest was him just him showing us he knows how to do the JQ.

I have to say it'd probably have been better if you just made a text guide.
Feb 02 12
not really much you can do for the jump quest besides do a walkthrough^ and you can pause the video to look at the tips i talked about a few (didnt feel like ranting on for the entire video) Also doing text guide would be terrible lol. Doing a walkthrough shows the timings for when to jump etc.
MapleStory Video: Class Review Chapter 1, Ft. Mercedes
Feb 02 12
Broa Night Lord
it didnt help much the only parts u slow downs at were at the last part of each stage
Feb 03 12
it still clearly showed you the timings for the jumps.
MapleStory Video: Class Review Chapter 1, Ft. Mercedes
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