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MapleStory Video - KMST - Evolving World
- other - Submitted Sep 14 2012, 05:01 BT
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145 Zenith Shadower
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Flying white fangs! Evolving World is basically a world you can create. You set the mobs, it's HP, drops, background, BGM (hence why the BGM in this is Opening Theme Song). Of course though, it's balanced & limited. So you can't make your mobs drop Empress Weapons, lol.

Oh, and the flying white fangs. Apparently any mob in this specific map (there's a couple of maps in your evolving world) will fly.
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Sep 14 12
Bera Beast Tamer Cat
That's pretty cool.
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Sep 14 12
Scania Bow Master
So no KSers?
Sep 14 12
DemethosGMS Night Walker 2
so.....make them have low hp and give lotsa exp? whats the limits on those?
Sep 14 12
145 Zenith Shadower
fantasyhaven: so.....make them have low hp and give lotsa exp? whats the limits on those?

You can't. If you lower the HP, it'll balance out how much EXP mobs give.
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Sep 14 12
Bera Hayato 2
fantasyhaven: so.....make them have low hp and give lotsa exp? whats the limits on those?

This make me wonder if you thought about your comment before posting it.

You cannot set the exp. you set the hp/level of monster then the exp will be determine by those factors.
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Sep 14 12
Scania Kaiser 4
This looks really interesting!
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Sep 14 12
Renegades Phantom 3
Dear God, Should tell Mojang about this so they can sew Nexon Korea
Sep 14 12
Scania F/P Arch Mage
flying dogs? thats just stupid... they can pee on u from above!
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Sep 14 12
Bera Phantom 4
I'm going to make what reality cannot provide me. Flying penguins....
Sep 14 12
Scania Hermit
hey look, theyre actually doing something with players money! Mean while in gms...
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