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MapleStory Video - [KMS MapleStory ] Maplestory Unlimited - Cygnus Returns

Added January 31 2013 by SilverSly

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160 Khaini Evan 9th Growth
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Jan 31 13
ElNido Phantom 4
translation please. and niceeee
Jan 31 13
Scania Hero
They really should make an anime out of this
Jan 31 13
Windia Thunder Breaker 3
Tbh....the trailer was better. o-o
Jan 31 13
Broa Aran 4
bounty88: translation please. and niceeee

Mihile: EMPRESS!

Shinsoo: Empress are you ok?
Empress: Yes, I'm ok.
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Jan 31 13
Scania Dark Knight
I Approve this
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Feb 01 13*
Windia Night Walker 4
Omg, that was amazing! The music was just amazing! I wonder if that will be the bgm for the new 200+ maps.

bounty88: Use spadows vid, it has the translation.
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Feb 02 13
Galicia Hero
Neinheart's a male.... wow.
Feb 02 13
Broa Blade Lord
Night Walker revamp! lol Eckhart just popped outta nowhere frikin ninja
Feb 02 13
Mardia Marksman
dat awful mihile voice acting

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