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MapleStory Video - Temple of Time trap style beat

Added February 3 2013 by Ralphdizzle

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192 Bera Paladin
hey guys, SingleSource/AllIsWell for another trap style maple beat hope you like :}

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Feb 04 13
Bera Shadower
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Feb 04 13
Windia Aran 3
Woah. This sounds so dark and edgy compared to the happy, upbeat ludibrium and lith one. I like it!
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Feb 04 13
Broa Corsair
a huge fan of trap, and an even bigger fan of this!
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Feb 04 13
Bera Shadower
It sounds cool but you can't even tell the source material is from the ToT. It sounds very unfitting for maplestory.
Feb 04 13
192 Bera Paladin
ProBlades: It sounds cool but you can't even tell the source material is from the ToT. It sounds very unfitting for maplestory.

Well, I got the sample here.
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Feb 04 13
Scania Dark Knight
Not type of beat I am gonna use, but good work again
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Feb 05 13
Scania Angelic Buster 4
This is actually not that bad. Trap is going to get old real quickly, so ride the wave while you can.
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Feb 05 13*
Scania Paladin
this is actually really good, its deep and heavy, love the atmosphere and drum pattern

may i ask what sample pack you are using for your drum parts.
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Feb 05 13
Broa Kaiser 4
Best ideas:

Ergoth's theme
Ludi PQ Theme
Ellinia Theme
Kerning Theme
Sleepywood Theme
Feb 05 13
Galicia Thunder Breaker 3
Lol, everybody be doing Trap now.
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