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MapleStory Video - Kanna Anime Video

Added February 26 2013 by kyo01

Screen Info

74 Scania F/P Mage
The release of Kanna is upon us! Credits go to Nexon for merely translating, instead of voice acting.
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Feb 26 13
Scania Night Walker 2
I shall make a male Kanna, and he shall be noob!
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Feb 26 13
Scania Priest
They didn't even dub that? :O
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Feb 26 13
Bera Aran 4
maorx28 This is much better than dubbing it. Seriously, it would fail so hard if they would dub it.
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Feb 26 13
Galicia Corsair
Dubs it -> YOU FAIL NExON!
subs it -> DIDN'T EVEN dub? YOU FAIL NEXON

seriously smh... but in all honesty I liked how they didn't dub it, much better this way.
Feb 26 13
Windia Battle Mage 4
they are from japan it would be a huge fail if they dubs it D: better this way even something bout this new content reminds thing betwen inuyasha and samurai X
Feb 26 13
Scania Kaiser 2
maorx28: They didn't even dub that? :O

Dub is for the weak.
Feb 26 13
Windia Phantom 4
maorx28: They didn't even dub that? :O

Seriously are you people ever satisfied?
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Feb 26 13
Galicia Bishop
Good thing they didn't dub it, it always sucks.
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Feb 26 13
Windia Aran 4
Woot subs.
Feb 26 13
Khaini Kaiser 4
oh man subs are so much better.

And yeeee Demon fox<3
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