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MapleStory Video - The sword Collab my part

Added February 26 2013 by imJohnny

Screen Info

107 KradiaEMS Thunder Breaker 3
Fight me!
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Feb 26 13
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Bring it!
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Feb 26 13
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Imagine one of these days Maple become like this....
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Feb 26 13
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ultimate Assaulter !
Feb 26 13
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Very nice! I loved the music!
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Feb 26 13
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Why does the tiger dude remind me of Guin from Guin Saga
Feb 26 13
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Operation Ground and Pound made this 10x more epic than this already is.
Feb 26 13
Windia Corsair
Eyes = bl0wn
Feb 27 13
Broa Shadower
Feb 27 13
Scania Angelic Buster 3
Too bad you would have made a great addition
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