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MapleStory Video - Root Abyss Fully Explained Part 2 Von Bon!

Added February 28 2013 by Night0fSorrow

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25 KradiaGMS Beginner

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Feb 28 13
KradiaEMS Bow Master
Nice videos.
Can not wait till this arrives in EMS =)
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Feb 28 13
Broa I/L Arch Mage
nooooooooooooooooooooooooo soul stone dropped
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Feb 28 13
25 KradiaGMS Beginner
v2roler Thank you! Kradia ftw
Constalations lmao gg
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Mar 01 13
Windia Blade Master
just gonna give u some things
u do not actually have to attack him inside the black clock so that the time goes up and vice versa for white clocks
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Khaini Bishop
The white ball he shoots may 1hko many people and you can evade it by ducking too
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Mar 01 13
25 KradiaGMS Beginner
Psydei Yes very true! And haha yea I learned that from the comments on my u[tube] video of this! Thanks though!
metaghost4 lol gg D=
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Mar 02 13
Khaini Marksman
creepy? Yeah, but the queen is the thing that gives me nightmares
thanks btw, I had no idea how the clock things worked
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Mar 02 13
Bera Kaiser 4
This is a great video, usually I hate MapleStory commentaries/videos but you pretty much summed up everything and in a casual way, (not to sound weird or anything but) your voice is also good for commentaries, some others I've watched like DaBoki and stuff have voices that are just weird and I feel uncomfortable watching them, it's just...

Keep it up!
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Mar 02 13
Windia Cannoneer 4
How high is your PDR%?
Mar 02 13
25 KradiaGMS Beginner
PureWhiteSky Lmao the queen is cute! LOL And no problem !
Kazno Thanks a million! Honestly! Your comment made me feel incredibly happy so thank you so much for such positive feedback! I have over 140 maple vids on YT if you're interested feel free to check em out!
feared123 90% + PDR
Swirld You're most certainly welcome! Thank you for watching and for the lovely feedback!
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