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MapleStory Video - Tainysi SOUND Vs ICE
- Other - Submitted Mar 03 2013, 03:18 BT
Video Info
163 Bera Buccaneer
14 31
Well here it is everyone. This was an animating competition between me and the "Ice" dude. I won with 39 votes in my favor and 6 in his. I planned to finish this from the start, not just for the competition. I started this project in August 2011 and a year and a half later, I finally finished. Since there's such a huge year gap, you can see the animation quality improving dramatically.
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Mar 04 13
Bera Beast Tamer Cat
What a beautiful map. That must have taken the creator hours upon hours to create. I mean the custom snow all hand drawn and crap. I wonder who made that piece of art.
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Mar 04 13
Windia Dark Knight
That death. Priceless.
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Mar 04 13
Mardia Luminous 2
Its not really..Exciting.We all know what was gonna happen
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Mar 04 13
Windia Aran 4
Nice animation
Mar 04 13
Scania Mihile 3
Was very well made. Definitely enjoyed it
Mar 04 13
Khaini Buccaneer
I loved the animation and the way he was killed.
Mar 04 13
Galicia Buccaneer
Fingers in MapleStory? Epic Like*
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Mar 04 13
Broa Cannoneer 4
How PVP should be : P
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Mar 05 13
Scania Night Lord
Nice Video That was Cool
Mar 05 13*
163 Bera Buccaneer
KingzTom: lol he is throwing sapphires O__o, cool video

He's throwing glass

Also if you're wondering why there's a Sound Vs Wind picture at the end, there's an annotation leading to the video, so yeah.
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