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MapleStory Video - [GMS v135] Evolution Lab - Demon Slayer Training

Added June 17 2013 by ggk

Screen Info

220 Scania Paladin
After reading some guides about evolution lab, I decided to do some testing of my own concerning the solo training at link 3. I've read from a few guides/sources that you should move on to stronghold or party training at link 9 at 160+. This 30 min segment sort of disproves that by showing me gaining 1.825b exp in 30 minutes NOT during a 2x event. With the right setup does this mean a DS can gain 7b+ exp/hour during a 2x event? O_O...

After (5) x5 hp and (2) x20 hp runs, I went from 133-180. Data taken down on exp gains with different core setups and exp multipliers while playing my DS and Hayato. If any theorycrafters are curious to see them, leave a comment/pm me.

cores used:
x20 hp
100% monster population

exp multipliers used:
2x 4 hour card
1.5x exp coupon

1.5x holy symbol
1.2x demon cry
exp additives:
10-30% exp pendant
10% mercedes link
10% exp accumulation potion
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ggk: Sup, im interested. Pm me with the specific core setups, exp multipliers and recorded exp gain for all 7 of your runs.
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Broa Corsair
Did you find the 100% monster population? And what link is that
Jun 24 13
Bera Paladin
pm me? i wanna test this. many thanks
Jun 24 13*
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Holy shmeeesus. Now I kind of wish I had a DS
Jun 24 13
Bootes Shadower
ggk how did u get the 100% monster population
Jun 24 13
Bera Corsair
what's your range? how much %str and weapon damage do you have? I'm curious
Jun 24 13
Windia Kaiser 2
wdfaq can see the exp bar go up OP.
Jun 25 13
Scania Evan 9th Growth
wonder if this is still possible
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