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MapleStory Video - [GMS v135] Evolution Lab - Demon Slayer Training

Added June 17 2013 by ggk

Screen Info

220 Scania Paladin
After reading some guides about evolution lab, I decided to do some testing of my own concerning the solo training at link 3. I've read from a few guides/sources that you should move on to stronghold or party training at link 9 at 160+. This 30 min segment sort of disproves that by showing me gaining 1.825b exp in 30 minutes NOT during a 2x event. With the right setup does this mean a DS can gain 7b+ exp/hour during a 2x event? O_O...

After (5) x5 hp and (2) x20 hp runs, I went from 133-180. Data taken down on exp gains with different core setups and exp multipliers while playing my DS and Hayato. If any theorycrafters are curious to see them, leave a comment/pm me.

cores used:
x20 hp
100% monster population

exp multipliers used:
2x 4 hour card
1.5x exp coupon

1.5x holy symbol
1.2x demon cry
exp additives:
10-30% exp pendant
10% mercedes link
10% exp accumulation potion
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ggk: Sup, im interested. Pm me with the specific core setups, exp multipliers and recorded exp gain for all 7 of your runs.
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Broa Corsair
Did you find the 100% monster population? And what link is that
Jun 24 13
Bera Paladin
pm me? i wanna test this. many thanks
Jun 24 13*
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Holy shmeeesus. Now I kind of wish I had a DS
Jun 24 13
Bootes Shadower
ggk how did u get the 100% monster population
Jun 24 13
Bera Corsair
what's your range? how much %str and weapon damage do you have? I'm curious
Jun 24 13
Windia Buccaneer
wdfaq can see the exp bar go up OP.
Jun 25 13
Scania Evan 9th Growth
wonder if this is still possible
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