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MapleStory Video - Unleashed Training Guide

Added June 25 2013 by starfoxhgss

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205 Broa Blade Master
A guide on how to train from level 1-100 with the new Unleashed Update!
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Jun 26 13
Windia Phantom 4
i like your voice
MapleStory Screen: Post unleashed chaos von bon attempt
Jun 27 13
I love your guide and its really well made, but ive been training with no funding and the places like roids are taking roughly 1 hour per level at lvl 80.
Did this patch really nerf exp that bad?
MapleStory Screen: The 5 day aniversary or vkcore
Jun 29 13
yep yep, this patch made lvling much more difficult than before
Jun 30 13
Khaini Luminous 4
Seriously, maplers can't be pleased with anything, before it was too easy, now it is too hard

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