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MapleStory Video - Root Abyss Queen\'s Palace - Maple Story Piano

Added June 28 2013 by FireAngel843

Screen Info

169 Scania Bow Master
This background music can be found in Crimson Queen's boss room at Root Abyss. Hope ya'll enjoy! ^_^
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Jun 28 13*
Windia Bow Master
I approve.
Also, can you try play this song?
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Jun 28 13
Vellum now plz, u beautiful talented person
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Jun 28 13
Broa Aran 4
"Hello Kitty"
Also, very well done, I congratulate you!
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Jun 28 13
Khaini Bishop
Woah and you made this yourself? :O
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Jun 29 13
Scania Shadower
Exalted Guild
Love your work Only thing that really irks me though is the tuning on the high notes of the piano. It's okay though, because I'm sure the piano is pretty old.
Keep up the good work!
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Jun 29 13
Scania Marksman
I remember doing Escape PQ with you a long while ago!

Love your rendition on this one. =D
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Jun 30 13
Mardia Shade 4
I spy a treadmill in the backbround, at least someone keeps in shape
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Jul 01 13
Windia Phantom 4
That hello kitty doll is staring into my soul
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Jul 02 13
Scania Dark Knight
It felt a bit off/rushed (at the beginning I think, or mid-beginning) everytime I listen to it, but nice work.
Jul 06 13
Bera Bishop
Your piano needs tuning
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