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so ima come back

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CannonsMule Level 111 Nova Kanna 4
so after weeks of thinking i finally chose to come back to ms. but i havent played in almost a year so i was wondering if you guys could help me.
  1. what world should i join?
  2. what class is new and easy to train?
  3. how do u make mesos now adays ?
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Effectivs Level 186 Bellocan Bow Master
Plenty of other threads about this same exact issue...
Nov 26 2014
microcras Level 145 Chaos Blaze Wizard 4
1. Windia (being honest but i play in Ymck) bera isn't bad either
2. Anything that you enjoy, just ask around
3. my guide
Nov 26 2014
KaichouShion Level 208 Scania Zero Transcendent Justaway Guild
1 If you want active communities, Windia/Bera/Scania
2 Of the classes that you haven't played Xenon/DA/Shade; but several have been revamped, especially explorers and cygnus knights, so they might be considered somewhat new
3 illegal nx thangs, elite boss farming idk really
Nov 26 2014
Blackinup Level 202 Windia Luminous 4 Corona Guild
Join Windia
or Bera. Preferably windia.
Ask anyone in the world. They are nice people.
Elite Farming/Gollux.
Nov 26 2014
Effectivs Level 186 Bellocan Bow Master
1. bera
2. shade
3. sell nx or buy from sites[/quote]

except that's all illegal and you have a great chance of being banned for.
Nov 26 2014
Blackinup Level 202 Windia Luminous 4 Corona Guild
Honostly what I do is, Wait for the chat bar same something along the lines of " XXXXXX killed an elite boss and recieved a protection scroll" Usually they will be bottters. I channel surf and wait for a few seconds to see if a message pops up like "CQ57 is in XXXXX"
Nov 26 2014
VoidWreck Level 136 Windia Aran 4
Plenty of other threads about this same exact issue...[/quote]

This website is a Maplestory forum. It's used so that people can ask questions. If you don't feel the need to directly answer her question, but rather saying "hurrdurr so many threads about the same issue", then why bother commenting if you're not going to contribute anything to the thread? There's no point of having a forum if people can just go back and look at threads from 1 week ago. And it seems like other people are also willing to answer the OP's question.

OT: 1) Any of the big 3 (Scania, Windia, or Bera), but I recommend Windia because we have a pretty nice population, not too overcrowded, and not too undercrowded either. 2) Probably Demon Avenger. It's pretty easy to train and it hits hard with no funding. 3) Mainly buying NX and funding yourself to the point where you can solo Normal Gollux. From then on, kill Gollux, collect coins, buy equips from shop, sell for 1-2bil. Also, killing elite monsters/elite bosses whenever you're grinding. They can sometimes drop items which are worth ~20mil.
Nov 26 2014
AssMuppet Level 223 Windia Bow Master
except that's all illegal and you have a great chance of being banned for.[/quote]

Obviously you've never done it.
Nov 26 2014
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